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Burnham boilers is named after an architect in United States who was the designer of the first skyscraper with skeleton. The boiler is a closed container or a vessel which is filled with water or any other fluid matter for heating purpose.

Burnham Boiler is a type of boiler with more efficiency and quality and is used widely. It has many advantages over other types of boilers. In some old boilers, there may be a chance of unexpected equipment breakage but in case of a Burnham Boiler, a full quality boiler is offered to heat the liquid efficiently.

Setting up an old boiler or broken system indirectly means investing today’s profit in past technology i.e. yesterday’s technology. But with the Burnham Boiler, it is not the case; it gives a fresh and new start with new technology and advanced top quality boilers intentionally designed for reliability and ease of use. The Burnham Boiler is durable. It works for a long time without fail and it is easy to predict the faults in advance. In the case of other boilers, it’s not possible and it will be a great trouble at times.

Burnham Boilers Replacement

Still, replacing Burnham Boilers in the place of old ones is not a good solution in all the cases, since fixing a boiler is not a simple process and needs lots of work and time. Hence, it is better to evaluate the fault spot first and only then can we arrive at a decision whether to install a new one or to repair the old system.

In the market, it is easy to find different models and several types of boilers. It’s difficult to choose a boiler. Selecting means choosing the right thing for our use and work.

Burnham Boilers Series

So, Burnham, a popular and standard company boiler, will be the choice of many. The different series in the Burnham Boilers are Independence, Revolution, Freedom, Cm, CHG, ES2 and many more. The suitable model can be chosen depending on the way of use and comfort.

The models are many as they are designed for different liquids, and a few may be designed for different purposes. The method of heating in the Burnham Boilers is also of several kind. A few produce electrical heating by oil and by gas. They are also used according to the heat level. If we need more heat, then the materials which have very high ignition temperature are used. If not, oil or gas is used.

Alpine series is also a type of Burnham Boilers. This is a famous model which is well known to all industry people. These Alpine series boilers are made with stainless steel and a control system which helps to improve the total efficiency of the boiler. In America, Burnham’s V8 model is the finest one. In Burnham’s another model, cast iron boiler sections are constructed with nipples or iron couplings.

Burnham boilers are resistant to oils based on petroleum chemicals as well as many others and they withstand heat to a higher degree.

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  1. Lou Alberti says:

    I have an older customer who is trying to reduce the mount of heat up draft in the chimney. I believe at one point you were offering a chimney damper kit. The bioler is a model V7, part #PV73WBT and serial #
    2713322327133223. I already recommended a new more efficient boiler but money is not there.

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