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Burnham Boilers Quality

The quality, reliability and value of a Burnham Boiler, manufactured by Burnham Commercial, make it the leader in commercial heating equipment.

Burnham Boilers – A Quality Product

Burnham Boilers Quality

Burnham Commercial is a leading company and manufacturer of Burnham Boilers – the high quality boiler and control systems for industrial and commercial applications. The reliability and value of Burnham Boilers quality products make it the leader in commercial heating equipment.

The company offers integrated systems that perform dependably and reliably for tens of thousands hours. The high quality products offered have great reviews all around the USA territory and beyond.

Advantages of owning a Burnham Boilers quality product are:


A Burnham Boiler is efficient without sacrificing the long term reliability. This is proved by the creative heat exchanger design of the Burnham Boiler, the standard usage of cast iron nipples instead of gaskets, and also the deluxe insulated jackets.

Extended warranty

The Burnham Boiler is backed up by extended warranties and also the benefit of a nationwide service network distribution system.


This is found in many areas of producing a Burnham Boiler. They are manufactured with a full line of stainless steel, cast iron and steel solutions. They offer multiple configurations and venting options for amazing flexibility in installation. Also, the design in flexible, being custom-made for engineers and architects.

Burnham Boilers Quality

In producing the Burnham Boiler, only quality components are used, such as ASME-certified stainless steel heat exchangers and the cast iron nipple construction which fights against heat degradation in order to provide the best user experience. They also build the MPC, which is the only American-made commercial cast iron boiler which has earned it’s place in UL Listing.

The Unique Burnham Boiler Design

Burnham boilers have a unique cast iron formula – the BC25-HSi, which has an extremely high silicon content making it much more flexible and also stronger than the iron used in the competitors’ boiler sections. Better thermal shock resistance and greater heat transfer capacities are also offered by this quality and innovative company.


More than 90% of the commercial Burnham Boilers offer efficiencies greater than 85%, and the condensing models are available with up to 95% thermal efficiency. They want to deliver the most efficient system to meet the cost, service and efficiency requirements by taking all into account: the firing to load demand, efficiency ratings, the standby mode and also various piping setups.


The Burnham Boilers quality control system uses advanced LED readouts and plug & play controls for full expandability and to provide the best control. It also offers cost saving advantages, focusing on reducing emissions into the natural environment and, moreover, on improving operating performance. They are equipped with some advanced features, as the Ethernet (CAT-5e) connectivity which allows integrated communication between multiple boilers and many building management systems.


Their Engineering and R&D teams have a lot of experience designing and improving control systems and heating equipment. They also use only the best representatives, distributors and support staff, with plenty of experience and the desire to learn more and help the customer choose the best boiler that fits their needs. They also have good Customer Care and Technical teams.

To conclude, we’ve seen why a Burnham Boiler is at the top in the USA market and one of the best choices someone can make when buying a new boiler. So, you can be assured of the Burnham Boilers quality.

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