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Burnham Gas Boilers

Burnham Gas Boilers are fueled with clean burning natural gas. Other Burnham Boilers are powered by electricity or are hybrids, using both oil and natural gas.

Burnham Gas Boilers

Need heat from a boiler system? Try Burnham Commercial Boiler, a US based company with headquarters in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and a manufacturing foundry located in Zanesville, Ohio. Engineered to the highest constructions standard and rigorous quality control, Burnham Gas Boilers range from home to industrial applications. The Apex product line features cast iron construction, while others have the latest in stainless steel construction.

Burnham Gas Boilers Fuel Variety

Burnham Gas Boilers are fueled with clean burning natural gas. Beyond the environmental advantages of natural gas, using domestic natural gas reduces dependence on imported oil, a real economic consideration in today’s energy market. Other Burnham Boilers are powered by electricity, while yet other boiler are hybrids, using both oil and natural gas.

Burnham manufactures steam driven heating systems; in these systems, heat is transferred via registers. Other systems are based on circulating hot to provide radiant heat. The Burnham sales representatives will help select the best and most cost effective heating solution for your private or corporate needs.

Control Units of Burnham Gas Boilers

In addition to complete boiler systems, Burnham boilers produce control units. One product is a low-high-low burner, capable of regulating on-demand heating needs. When heat is needed, the burner starts low, then kicks into high until the desired temperature of 175 degrees F is reached. The system then switches to low until a 5 degree drop in temperature is reached, then switches the system back into high. This automatic temperature cycle continues to maintain an effortless and uniform heat.

Other items manufactured by Burnham include Steam Boiler Water Level Controls, Venting Materials for Forced Draft Boilers, and Multiple Boiler Staging Control devices.

More information on the Burnham gas boilers series can be found by following the link in our blogroll. Included but not limited on this page is complete technical specifications, CAD drawings, warranty information, manuals, and a wealth of other information on Burnham gas boilers.

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  2. Jonathan Stevens says:

    We have a 2012 Burnham gas steam boiler for our home.

    The inducer blower motor apparently needs to be replaced.

    What is the normal life expectancy of a Burnham inducer blower motor?


    Jon Stevens

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