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Burnham Boilers Models

Burnham Boilers models include the Independence, Series Two, SCG & PVG, ES2, Revolution, CHG, Freedom CM, and the Alpine among other select models.

There are several different models of boilers on the market and here we’ll be talking about Burnham Boilers models. When purchasing a boiler, it may be a little difficult to choose which boiler is the right one for you without any type of research or comparison.

Consider these Burnham Boilers Models

A favorite and very popular brand of boiler is the Burnham boilers. They make available several different models that you could research and decide on which one would fit your needs. The Burnham Boilers models include the Independence, Series Two, SCG & PVG, ES2, Revolution, CHG, Freedom CM, and the Alpine, along with other select models.

Deciding among Burnham Boilers Models

Depending on what type of heating needs you have, will help you decide on which model would be best for your home. These boilers use several heating methods such as water condensing, steam, and water.

The Burnham boilers can be fueled by either electricity, oil, or gas. Knowing that these boilers have high AFUE ratings also tells you that they are very efficient. Their AFUE ratings range from 85 percent up to 95 percent, and in a lot of cases, even better than that.

The Alpine Series

The Alpine series among the Burnham boilers models is a very popular and well known model. The units that are in this series are differentiated by the minimum and maximum input and output that they are capable of as well as their water volume in gallons.

The model #ALP080 has an AFUE rating of 95 percent efficiency and more, and seems to be a hot seller. There are 7 sizes ranging from 80 to 500 MBH input. All the Alpine Burnham boilers have high performance in their radiant heating and their hydronic heating as well. These boilers are all constructed with a stainless steel heat exchanger, and a control system that helps to enhance the overall efficiency of the boiler.

The Alpine Burnham boilers also give the choice of different vents that can be used. You can choose the standard vent with the CPVE/PVC as well as other options that include the polypropylene concentric. These boilers are fully modulating with an outdoor reset button. If you want a more modern looking boiler, then one of the Alpine models will be the one for you. The Alpine is for use with propane or natural gas.

Burnham Boilers Models Benefits

The extra benefit of these boilers is the fact that they are also capable of modular applications, which means that they can be stacked on top of each other and used in conjunction with each other. You can use this modulating design when there is a much bigger space that you need to heat.

Burnham is an American-made boiler company manufacturing cast iron boilers to stainless steel boilers. They provide high efficiency boilers with everything from American made small residential cast iron units to large commercial steam and water boiler systems. Burnham Boilers Models also offer baseboard and radiator heating options in both modern and classic designs.

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  1. Tim Chase says:

    Could you please tell me the age of my private homes boiler and are there any pictures available / assembly drawings for disassembly purposes.
    Thank you
    Tim Chase

    Model 7-22
    series 2
    IBR rating 125200
    AGA rating normal input 180000
    output BTU/hr 144000
    Nat gas
    volts 115

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